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Dieselgate Commission recommendations: D'Ieteren Auto continues to work on the recall of all vehicles equipped with non-compliant software

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29 Apr 2016 - D'Ieteren Automotive

D’Ieteren Auto is working to meet the recommendations issued by the special commission managing the Dieselgate affair which, among other things,

  • Encourage the concerned customers to update the software installed in their vehicle, and
  • Ask D’Ieteren Auto to encourage customers to take part in the recall programme.

D’Ieteren Auto's goal is to do everything possible to ensure that all vehicles in Belgium are updated. Therefore, D’Ieteren Auto and its dealer network are continuing the actions undertaken to inform customers impacted via the best means possible. They are also working to ensure that vehicles are recalled as soon as possible under the best possible conditions.

Based on the recall schedule implemented by the Volkswagen Group by model and engine type, D'Ieteren Auto will contact its customers by personalised letter to request that they set up an appointment with the official dealer of their choice. The technical solution is free of charge for customers and the intervention takes less than an hour. To facilitate the recall, customers can have the update done at the same time as they bring their vehicle in for other services such as scheduled maintenance or a tyre change. If necessary, the dealer can also provide a mobility solution for customers.

Following the update, customers will receive a certificate confirming that the performed technical measures will have no negative impact on fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, engine performance or sound level of their vehicle and that all data related to the vehicle's type approval will remain unchanged. The certification can be useful if the vehicle is resold in Belgium or in any other Member State of the European Union.

In addition to information letters and personalised invitations, the interactive website is available to customers for up-to-date information. Customers can also submit their questions about the update.

D’Ieteren Auto fully agrees with the Commission's recommendations for recall transparency and traceability.

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