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Investor Day & Trading Update

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8 Dec 2015 - Results

investor day and webcast

Today, D’Ieteren is hosting its Investor Day in London. The speakers will include Axel Miller (CEO of D’Ieteren group), Arnaud Laviolette (CFO of D’Ieteren group), Denis Gorteman (CEO of D’Ieteren Auto) and Gary Lubner (CEO of Belron).

The main topics that management will address include the recent evolution of D’Ieteren group’s two activities (D’Ieteren Auto and Belron), conditions on the markets they operate in as well as their medium-term strategy and an update on D’Ieteren’s search for a new activity.

A live webcast of the presentations will be available from 10:00am (GMT) through the following link:

The presentations are available on

Trading update for the period ending 31 October 2015

At D’Ieteren Auto, year-to-date sales at the end of October were up 6.9% versus the same period last year, registering an improving trend since H1 2015. The impact of the “Emissiongate” (see below) was negligible because of the time lag between incoming orders and deliveries (sales recognition). Excluding registrations of less than 30 days1, the number of new car registrations in Belgium rose by 0.48% year-on-year to
406,666 units during the first ten months of 2015. Excluding registrations of less than 30 days1, the market share of the makes distributed by D’Ieteren Auto reached 22.34% (22.39% year-to-date in October 2014 and 22.67% for the FY 2014). Registrations of new light commercial vehicles in Belgium totalled 52,780 units, up 14.6% year-on-year. D’Ieteren Auto’s market share in this segment reached 9.38%.

The total number of new vehicles, including light commercial vehicles, delivered by D’Ieteren Auto was up 1.8% to 97,100 units. Higher deliveries combined with a positive price/mix effect led to a 7.1% rise in new vehicle sales.

At Belron, year-to-date sales were up 11.7% at the end of October 2015 compared to the same period last year, comprising a 3.6% organic increase, 0.3% growth from acquisitions and an 8.0% positive currency translation impact partially offset by a 0.2% decline due to one less trading day. The total number of repair and replacement jobs increased by 0.5% to 9.6 million. The translation impact is primarily due to a stronger US dollar and GB pound. The acquired growth came from acquisitions in the US, Canada, Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands and Spain.

In Europe, sales decreased by 0.6% (up 0.1% year-on-year since 30 June), which comprised a decrease in organic sales of 2.6%, 0.4% growth from acquisitions and a 1.9% positive currency translation impact partially offset by a 0.3% decline due to one less trading day. Whilst the year-to-date figures reflect market declines in most countries, the rate of decline has slowed down since the half-year. The Autotaalglas business, which was acquired on 3 June in the Netherlands, is performing as planned. The Junited Autoglas acquisition, which was previously announced subject to approval by the German competition regulator, was completed on 24 September. A further acquisition in the Netherlands – GlasGarage – was completed on 9 November. This deal comprised the acquisition of the franchisor, of one owned branch and of a franchise network of 126 branches (30 standalone and 96 shop-in-shop branches). As with Autotaalglas, Glasgarage will be run separately from the Carglass business.

Outside Europe, sales increased by 24.3% (up 22.6% since 30 June 2015), comprising organic sales growth of 10.0% primarily in the US, a positive 0.1% impact due to acquisitions in the US and of former franchisees in Canada, and a positive currency impact of 14.3%, mainly due to stronger US and Canadian dollars offset by the weakening of the Brazilian real, partially offset by an adverse trading day impact of 0.1%. The US business continued to perform strongly on all fronts due to both market growth and market share gains.

Group profile

D'Ieteren is a group of services to the motorist founded in 1805, serving some 12 million corporate and end customers in 34 countries in two areas:

- D'Ieteren Auto distributes Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Škoda, Bentley, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Porsche and Yamaha vehicles across Belgium. It is the country's number one car distributor, with a market share of more than 22% and 1.2 million vehicles of the distributed brands on the road at the end of 2014. Sales in 2014: EUR 2.7 billion.

- Belron (94.85% owned) is the worldwide leader in vehicle glass repair and replacement. In 2014, some 2,400 branches and 9,400 mobile vans, trading under more than 10 major brands including Carglass®, Safelite® AutoGlass and Autoglass® served customers in 34 countries. Sales in 2014: EUR 2.9 billion.

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Axel Miller, Chief Executive Officer

Arnaud Laviolette, Chief Financial Officer

Pascale Weber, Financial Communication - Tel: + 32 (0)2 536.54.39

E-mail: – Website:

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