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D'Ieteren Auto is confident that no fiscal adjustment will be passed on to the customers affected by the irregularities with respect to CO2 emissions. All vehicles are again available for sale in Belgium.

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20 Nov 2015 - D'Ieteren Automotive

The Volkswagen Group recently declared that during the course of internal investigations irregularities were found in CO2 levels and fuel consumption figures during the type approval process of vehicles with a 1.4 l, 1.6 l or 2 l diesel engine and a 1.4 l gasoline engine. The Volkswagen Group continues to clarify this situation in close cooperation with the competent authorities for approval.

Since these irregularities are not technical in nature, no technical intervention will be needed for the concerned vehicles. CO2 emissions and fuel consumption of these vehicles in daily use will thus remain unchanged. Furthermore, the Volkswagen Group guarantees that there is absolutely no impact on the technical safety or roadworthiness of the concerned vehicles .

The European Commission has granted the Volkswagen Group extra time to the end of this year to disclose information regarding CO2 emissions levels. The Volkswagen Group also already confirmed to take at their charge any possible tax consequences. Therefore, D'Ieteren Auto is confident that the Volkswagen Group will reach an agreement with the competent Belgian authorities to ensure that neither private customers nor fleet customers will be affected by any retroactive or future tax adjustments.

Taking into account this information, all models of the brands Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT and ŠKODA are available for sale again.

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