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About 320,000 vehicles of the Volkswagen group will be recalled in Belgium

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16 Oct 2015 - D'Ieteren Automotive

D'Ieteren Auto has taken note of the decision of the federal German authorities (KBA) to make the recall of vehicles with the EA189 diesel engine and the non-compliant software mandatory. This decision responds to the wish expressed by D'Ieteren Auto from the beginning to restore conformity of all concerned and registered vehicles in Belgium, so that they comply with the applicable legal, regulatory and environmental standards.

At this stage, D'Ieteren Auto has no detailed information on the nature and timing of the technical procedures to be developed by the Volkswagen Group. As soon as this information will be available, D'Ieteren Auto will contact the approximately 320,000 customers involved personally and within the shortest possible delay.

We would like to remind that the Volkswagen Group has ensured to take at their charge all costs arising from necessary interventions to restore conformity and guarantees that there is absolutely no impact on the technical safety or driveability of the vehicles.

D’Ieteren Auto regrets not having any more concrete information today and suggests its customers to regularly consult the dedicated website, which offers the latest official information on this subject, as well as answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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